Research & Data

The Harvard Dataverse hosts my replication data.

Journal Articles

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Working Papers and Policy Notes

Schröder, E. and Storm, S. (2020) Fiscal Policy in South Africa: Closed Input-Output Income and Employment Multipliers. Research Note 1. Johannesburg: Institute for Economic Justice. [Download]

Picek, O. and Schröder, E. (2017) Euro Area Imbalances: How Much Could an Expansion in the North Help the South?, IMK Working Paper. 180–2017. Macroeconomic Policy Institute at the Hans Boeckler Foundation. [Download]

Schröder, E. (2016) Euro Area Imbalances: Measuring the Contribution of Expenditure Growth and Expenditure Switching. Working Paper 1604. New School for Social Research, Department of Economics. [Download]