I'm Enno Schröder, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology.

Current research projects

  • On emission offshoring and its impact on domestic emissions

  • Net weak carbon leakage: definition and measurement

  • The short-run carbon elasticity: is it relevant for the decoupling of emissions and economic growth?

  • Might new automation possibilities lead to greener consumption patterns?

  • Will artificial intelligence cure Baumol's growth disease?

  • Estimating the distributional effects of a nitrogen tax in Germany


Delft University of Technology
Faculty Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)
Department Values, Technology and Innovation (VTI)
Section Economics of Technology and Innovation (ETI)

Jaffalaan 5
Room C3.130
2628BX Delft

+31 15 27 84273